Sunday, March 24, 2013

And when I looked behind...

With smile on lips and prayer in the heart,
I look behind me at the life's chosen  paths.
With no remorse nor regret but only queer interest for the choices made
A wonder of what it would have been had the choices been different
Would it lead me to the same point as today or a different one altogether
A little voice says, what was done was done as the wisest thing then.
Any foolishness only had you wizened
Look not behind but at the roads that lay ahead vast
Lessons and memories are to be remembered from the days that passed.
Forget not that its been your choice all along
Every fight must be fought alone
With twinkle in the eyes and strength of mind,
I take my next step knowing no one to be by my side.

1 comment:

Mystic Freak said...

well versed..
forget abt the past n plan ahead to what to be done :)