Sunday, May 31, 2009


Bye mom” I yelled while I pulled my new bag over my shoulders and rushed out of home.the old one was much better .. more comfortable. Ill get used to this I thought. I heard her shout back warning me against being seen hanging around in the sun. I grunted and paying no heed to her words went out to meet my friend.

‘was dark and beautiful and bigger than most of the counterparts. the cliché ‘ tall ,dark and handsome’ always rang in my head when we were together… its been very long we had been together probably more than eight years and I clearly remember the day we met.-- my uncle had returned from his first trip to US and I had gone to pay him a visit. It was then we met and I had been in love ever since.. my parents had approved of it then, but lately they haven’t been very understanding.. They had even tried talking to me out of it.. and their reason being the looks are torn, battered as if ‘s been drunk and got into fights… but eight years is a very long time..

but then yesterday, while we were returning home, a speeding truck buzzed past me. I jumped at the nearness of the speeding vehicle and turned around to check .. but it was too late.. I had heard the tear.. there was my love torn in the middle and an arm ripped off.. my heart broke bag.. my companion of eight long years.. right from the days in school… I held it tenderly and brought it back home….it wouldnt been the same...**sighhh...