Monday, March 12, 2007

A sunday to remember

It was a Sunday 4 which I had been waiting since the Monday last. I had meticulously planned how to enjoy my Sunday-without books and assignments. But my high spirits were dampened by a single call-I was asked rather ordered to attend a family function. I usually detest these functions as it consists of all the old people who are far more older to me and the kids who have a long way to go to become teenagers. So you can understand how out of place I would feel at. Still with a heavy heart I followed the order.
I was sitting on the portico doing nothing and staring. A bevy of old ladies were discussing something of which I could make out neither the head nor the tail. And then out of nowhere came out a cockroach followed by another and then another and so in a minutes time there came at least half a dozen of them swarming around as if they don’t give a damn to the world. Since I was a child, the roaches for some mysterious reasons have fascinated me. So I was keenly observing them, marveling their beauty, their way of crawling when I heard someone screaming followed by more screams –this sounded like some women’s voice so I took the trouble of looking and I saw a cockroach on the shirt of a ten year old who was completely terrified. This was the same fellow who was bragging about some of the heroic deeds (which he had never done) he had accomplished.
I could no longer stand their shouts and their stupidity- such huge human beings scared out of wits looking at the harmless cockroaches! And shrugged the roach off the shirt and explained him that there was nothing to be afraid of and the roaches are harmless creatures. The cockroach landed on its feet and was about to run to its hideaway when the same kid started hitting it with the stick and trying to smash it. Other kids started following the same suit-they were inspired by the courage of our hero!! Some naughty boys even went to the extent of catching them by their feelers and dropping at their old grannies and their girlie sisters!! There was a complete chaos at the place. People shouting at the kids –roaches scrambling hither thither as if their peace was intruded –everywhere u could find them it seemed as if there were millions of them there.
Peace had to be restored else I overheard someone saying that all the grannies and the grandpas present there would suffer a heart stroke or a rise in the blood pressure. And then someone with the common sense sent away the kids to some other place and cooled down the excited old people. Surprisingly, the number of cockroaches receded and in a few minutes time there was not even a single roach.
Thinking about the incident later that day, I had a thought that if the children had left the roaches to themselves probably we wouldn’t have had all those anxious moments –viewing it at a larger scale –this is the mistake the man does- shows off his power and this show off of his power leads to troubles- this is the root cause to all the pains and miseries. What say????