Thursday, November 29, 2007

As a critic..[:D]

The Times had rated it with 4 stars. 31 actors made the guest appearance for a song. There was so much hype created even before it was released on the auspicious day of diwali. The producer and the lead actor of the film apologizing a famous producer of the earlier times did help in advertising. Yes,this to the movie Om Shanti Om.

I had listened to the music before the movie was released n had really liked it. Because the movie was released during my sem exams, I had decided to watch it the first thing during my inter sem break. Friends (most of them SRK fans) who had seen had given it thumbs up. Few of them had also gone to the extent of changing their display name on Orkut to advertising the movie. All these had encouraged me to go and watch the movie.

For all the hype that had been created the movie was surely a let down. Well I don’t say the movie was bad- but it had no original story- u could c that it was a remake of the movies of 70s – Karz and Madhubala with a few changes

There have been a few blunders as well- In one scene
the chandelier fell on Arjun ramphal in the middle of the party and in the next he is lying on a few pieces of glass in the same hall minus the chandelier and the people. Where did the room full of people go??and how did the chandelier fit itself to the ceiling?

If these are overlooked, the movie is quite good. The sets were awesome and the acting was superb – all the actors fit their roles perfectly. Deepika as Shantipriya, arjun ramphal as the rich producer n also the con man mukesh, SRK as Om, the junior artist in the first half of the story and Om, the actor in 2nd half Shreyas as a good friend, Pappu.

I wont say that this is worth advanced booking a month before but it surely makes a good watch on a lazy afternoon.