Monday, March 19, 2007

yet another sunday experience...

It was another lazy Sunday evening –I had been lazing at home the whole day. Not able to bear seeing me waste time in such a fashion, my mom, literally threw me out of home-asking me to have a small walk-feel the fresh air (aah!! fresh air indeed in one of the busiest areas of the city).
Without further argument, I sported my favorite jeans and out I went with a few bucks in my pocket. I walked down the main road where my eyes fell on an ice-cream parlour that was not there a few days ago. It was a cozy little shop with soft light and posters of various kinds of ice cream. The light made the ice cream look more appetizing and more tempting. YUMMY!! I couldn’t resist anymore and went in directly without any hesitation and ordered what they called as royal delight-caramel nut flavor, which according to the picture should have been something like this: a long glass that was filled with 3 full scoops of ice cream and on which honey was put.
After full five minutes, the waiter came with a small cup that had only one scoop of ice cream and no honey!! And placed it in front of me. On asking, he told me that it was royal delight-caramel nut flavor!! Aaargh!! This chap cheated me!!-They lured me into their shop with those delicious, scrumptious, mouth-watering images of ice cream and then served me this!!! With a lot of effort I tried not to show my disappointment ate the ice cream quietly and left. I resolved that I would never ever set my foot in that parlor.
But even today when I pass the parlor I just can’t resist the ice cream and order for a royal delight-caramel nut!!