Tuesday, May 19, 2009


As I waddled my way through the knee deep rain water trying to keep the not-so- nice thoughts of what-not disgusting solvents the concoction would consist of, I could hear the clear, unmistakable voice of my mum echoing in my head asking me how my day had been. The same soothing tone of hers when she somehow gets to know that something is wrong- hearing which I would just blurt out the problem that had been worrying me and somehow just as a miracle the solution emerges..

But now, she was not with me and I was putting in all my efforts so as not to lose my footwear in the water. But the echoing sound certainly had an effect and I couldn’t help murmuring “it certainly could have been better” and recalled my day or rather the not-so-nice events of the day …

I had to go to BHEL for my summer project and to start with, the friend with whom I had been going for the past 1 week had to attend more pressing matters and couldnt make it. So I had to go in the bus. But sadly I didn’t know the bus route to the place.

Finally, after bugging a couple of people at the bus stop as to which bus I ought to board, I got onto the bus that almost goes to the place(no direct buses to BHEL), beyond which I had to take a shared auto. But the auto driver misunderstood, and took me to the wrong place. After the blame game, I took another auto coming in the opposite direction which took me to the right BHEL. *phew!! (certainly not a nice beginning to the day!)

Inside the institute, after what seemed like ages, the paper work that had been pending for a week got over!! (I can bet that the snail would move faster!) a work that had to be over in an hour or so took me more than half a day!

Then comes the Guide!! Probably the worst part of the day! Nothing is worse than having a guide who would say that u would be lucky if u get an output! And then hands u that problem as your project! (he exactly did that!)

And then the rains... heavy rains with whirly winds and lightning and thunderstorm.. though the rains stopped , they left behind them the roads with water up to knee length and s bad traffic jam. Couldn’t take the autos either and I was around 1 ½ kms away from home…I decided to walk home and was waddling my way when I heard my moms voice echoing in my head… “it certainly could have been better “ I murmured again.

And suddenly a thought.. a forwarded joke to be more precise about a painfully optimistic man who always said “it could have been worse” struck me.. and brought about an instant smile. And precisely at the same time a raindrop fell on my forehead…like God wanted to tell me.. “yes that’s right.. it could have been worse u could have got stuck in the rain or the paper work wouldnt have finished at all or you could have got lost altogether but nothing of that sort happened!"

Thinking about it again, i guess i was just tested only upto the limit i could endure it ..so that i emerge stronger rather than break under the pressure.. probably It wasn’t that bad afterall…it certainly could have been worse...