Saturday, January 16, 2010

In the Lab

In the electrical technology lab:

External: what is the speed of the Transformer?
GeniASS(confidently): 1200-1500 sir. It varies.
External : how do u measure speed?
GeniASS: using the Tachometer, sir.
External : Take this tachometer and find me the speed of the transformer used in this lab **hands him the tachometer.
GeniASS walks to the table on which the transformer is placed and where a girl is performing her experiment..
GeniASS: excuse me, can u just give me a moment with the transformer.. i need to find its speed.
girl gives him a hard stare.
GeniASS: could u just tell me how do i find the speed of the transformer?
Girl: Idiot, its a static device. transformer doesnt have speed. :|


In the electronics devices lab external:

WiseGuy shortcircuits the 2 ends of battery on the breadboard. Theres a KA-BOOM and a powercut.

Lab technician(accusingly): What have u done?? u short circuited it?? u can get out and give the finals next sem as supplimentary..
WiseGuy(with his hands burnt): NO sir i din do anything...Just wait till the power comes, u can see the output.
Lab technician: Out of the Lab now!!
WiseGuy: Sir, Please
The power returns and miraculously there's output on the CRO.
Lab Technician: H-how did u manage it??
Wiseguy: i connected the right circuit sir..

In the Fluid Mechanics Lab:

the problem in this lab was that the indicating metres were at a height and all the shorties(me included) had difficulty noting down the readings and there was only one chair.

On the first Day of the Lab:

Lab Incharge: take the accurate readings. look into the meter perpendicularly to avoid the parallax error.
Shortie: Errm sir, i wouldnt be able to do that. Im a little short. Do u think i could borrow your chair while i need to take the readings??
Lab Incharge(mocking): Yeah sure, why not?
Shortie: Sir, could i do the same during the externals?? Wouldnt the external mind if i take away his chair??