Sunday, March 25, 2007


It was one chilly morning when u could feel the cold wind hitting your bones. My friends and I were standing at the bus-stop waiting for our college bus when there came a young lady who was in rags and not more than 25 years.
The lady begged for the money which all of us curtly refused to give. (since we all agreed that she was strong enough to work and earn her livelihood.) she wouldn’t budge and was getting on our nerves and so we retorted
“You look healthy and strong enough. Can’t you earn your own livelihood?”
to which she replied
“where do I get a work?”

“Go to any construction site and work. There are many buildings coming up-those people need workers”

“that money is not enough to make my both ends meet”

“well then you have to work harder”

“that’s what I’m doing. Earning my livelihood by begging. That’s my profession.”
Then with a frown asked us
“ now are you giving me money or not?”(Not begging rather demanding money.. look at the attitude..)
for which we replied.” Why should we give you the money?”
“that’s because giving money to the beggars is your dharma. Its written in the ethics.
Now don’t waste my time by asking questions and give me the money.”

Meanwhile our bus had come and without giving her anything we left. I think she felt kind of insulted and so recited a latest movie’s dialogue loudly, “ ladies and gentlemen, these young college girls have promised to give me 5 bucks daily.”

well ....what more has to be said of the beggars of today!!