Thursday, December 15, 2011

That one Moment!

Sometimes, there comes a phase in life which probably wouldn't last long..But which demands your complete attention demands you to stop everything you are doing, however important. And you have no other option but oblige! you are pushed into a trance wherein you just stare.. being a silent spectator to the world around you. No action is demanded of you and you do none. Just watch stare at the stars.. admire the ants.. and then, like a bolt out of blue, you realise you have been contemplating.... and you are mighty happy for the simple fact that you are alive; proud of what you are, of your achievements. Also , it is that moment when you have the crystal clear thought of what you would want to do with the wonderful life of yours.. what is it that you have been unknowingly seeking :) An eye opener.. a decision making moment.. a thanksgiving moment!!!

And as an honor to that moment, I thank all the wonderful people in my life.. who had been there during not so good times, bearing with all my cribbings, slapping me (though not literally) to bring me back to my senses when I had lost them :) Thanku u guys a bunch!!! :D :D
Well, on second thoughts, Im also thankful to those who made life tougher for me, for I evolved as a better person :) :P

Signing Off
Loads of Love

Another one of those Older posts that I had not published ....


The Night Shift!!

Oh!! wonderful !! 6 in the morning and I'm writing some gibberish instead of being tucked up between the sheets in a warm cozy bed. All credit to my working in shifts.. Please dont get me wrong .. I certainly ain't complaining.. I get to stay home, work from where ever I want (provided I have internet access), cut out the travel time and u know ;) .. u can figure out all the merits of staying at home and working.. and thanks to the wonderful team I'm in, I get help whenever I want.. irrespective of the time of the day.

Ok, so talking about this first shift experience..(we work in the rotational shift - the regular cycle being 1 week of day followed by 1 week of night followed by 6 weeks of regular shift ..).. its all nice but sometime down the lane the entire timings has a funny effect on ur head.:

Its like you are dreaming your work and working your dream.

Talking about the 1st part of the above statement its like all the time you are working, you have the feeling of walking through the dream.. No!!! u arent sleepy cuz u would have slept most of the day but things just dont seem real.. Advantage : U dont freak out when there is an issue .. u just end up figuring out a way to resolve it and if u can't do that, u know u can always rely on your team(though u hate to wake them up, u know u are left with no other option.)

Now the second part, and this is the actual confusing part of your day.. You are just not sure if u have eaten the rasam rice with chips or some SAP product with the component- they all seem the are confused as to what day it is.. u go to sleep and wakeup on the same day.. the date doesnt change... the things that you did overnight , u do on the same day.. and its sort of scary... the fleeting thought that your day is never going to end. that the day is eternal. *shudders* but while u work, its the complete opposite effect.Its ur day running off .. you deal with 2 days in the span of ur work hour. Sometimes its like living 4 days in 2 and sometime like the clock is rotated by an angle like all the numbers are shifted ... that 11 is in the place of 5; 12 in 6 and so on *reminds of the geometry sessions and the circular probability sessions* and if I go on, this note will end up being a collection of random words with no connecting thoughts. So, here's sparing both of us the pain, this is me signing off..


PS: This was written a year ago!!